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CCM Jetspeed FT2 Senior Ice Hockey Skate

by CCM

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The CCM JetSpeed FT2 Skates is the best fitting, highest-performing and most-durable one-piece CCM skate to date! CCM upgraded virtually every aspect of the FT2 without losing the JetSpeed DNA that has made this skate family one of the most popular skates with professionals and amateurs alike. One of the most significant is the new SpeedBlade XS holder and it's patented quick-release runner system.

This new holder allows players to swap out damaged or broken steel in seconds, keeping players on the ice and off the bench. It's unique BladeLock mechanical dial is not just more durable and reliable than traditional spring-lock systems, it actually transfers energy through to the ice better too. It holds XS1 Black steel that is corrosion-resistant and is 2mm taller than traditional steel. This gives players a more aggressive turning radius, more custom profiling options and a longer sharpening life.

The JetSpeed FT2's new L1TEFRAME 360 EVO boot offers better performance, fit and durability than ever before. CCM dialled in on even the little details like the connection point between the toe cap and the boot, streamlined non-essentials to reduce weight and redesigned the tendon guard in order to reinforce the FT2 without adding weight. Meanwhile, the all-new Metatomic tongue visually adds sleek looks but more importantly improves fit and comfort. The asymmetrical design is much more anatomically-correct and wraps around the foot better than before. Paired with the thick felt and the multi-density foam reinforcement, the Metatomic tongue is as comfortable, protective and flexible as they get.

Internally, the CCM FT2 skate features a dual-zone Total-Dri Pro+ Liner that balances weight, moisture-management and durability like a dream. They included extended Dura-Zone anti-abrasion pads that join the party to extend the liner's life expectancy too. Finally, the Smooth Contour Pro Collar is much more plush and does a better job of reducing rubbing that can occur on these high-end skates.

  • Model Number: SKFT2
  • Heritage: JetSpeed FT1
  • Level of Play Guideline: Elite
  • Skate Fit Guidelines: Medium Volume / slightly shallow heel pocket - slightly narrow forefoot - standard instep
    • Quarter Package:
      • One-piece L1TEFRAME 360 EVO with RocketFrame composite
        • One-Piece Benefit: True one-piece boot allows CCM to remove the outsole entirely; greatly improving energy transfer efficiency, weight-reduction, direct foot-to-ice connection, overall responsiveness and fit
        • The outsole-less construction allows the bottom of the boot to better contour around the foot and can also mold during the heat making process, which is something skates with outsoles cannot do
        • Improved vamping (connection point between the boot and toe cap), streamlined non-essentials (such as the facing) and much longer lasting graphics application
    • Liner:
      • Total-Dri Pro+ with extended DuraZone Abrasion Patches
        • CCM's top-of-the-line liner provides premium moisture-management and comfort with minimal weight
        • Integrated and extended anti-wear material provides extra reinforcement for key wear-and-tear areas
      • New Injected Smooth Contour Pro Collar
        • Extra plush and extra durable construction prevents the stiff boot from irritating the upper ankle
      • Multi-density memory foam ankle pads
    • Tongue Construction:
      • Asymmetrical Metatomic Tongue
        • Unique design allows the tongue to better wrap around the foot and improves forward flex
        • Bolstered with thick felt, injected foams and a high-density lace-bite guard
    • Footbed:
      • CCM OrthoMove Custom Support Insoles
        • Custom Arch Inserts allow players to personalize their skates to their liking
        • PowerGrid (Power Platform) Technology helps to increases energy transfer for better responsiveness, feel and power
    • Blade Holder and Runner:
      • SpeedBlade XS with SB XS1 Black (+2mm) Runners
        • Patented mechanical quick-release BladeLock system allows steel to be swapped out in seconds
        • Provides a tight connection between the steel and the holder that maximizes energy transfer, provides a better life-span and prevents the runner from accidentally releasing
        • Black oxide coating improves edge retention and prevents corrosion
        • 12% taller than traditional steel for a more aggressive angle of attack, more custom profiling options and longer sharpening life
        • Replaceable hardware (not included)
    • Weight of a size 8D skate: 850 grams

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