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Edea Piano Ivory Sizes 225 - 255 Boot Only


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Minimized impact shocks, smoother skating absorbs more impacts

Absorb ice chatter - making skating feel smoother. Giving a firmer base to jump from, allowing you to jump higher and further

Reduces wobble - allowing the skater to execute quicker jumps and transitions

Heel lock - better foot position for more control

More support - increases power trasnmission

Every time a skater lands a jump there is an impact. This can be eight times their body weight. It sends shockwaves that spread through the body causing aches and pains that lead to overuse injuries. Piano has been designed and created using special materials capable of absorbing and dispersing these shockwaves. Two integrated Noene anti-shock layers in the boots plus a revolutionary inner sole with Poron heel insert reduces the strain on the body. This material absorbs ice chatter giving you a firmer base to jump from. Additionally it reduces the wobble on landing allowing you to execute quicker jumps and transitions improving ice speed.
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