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John Wilson Pattern 99 Parabolic Blades

SKU 2277-01

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The Pattern 99 Parabolic is what happens when you let time-honoured craftsmen take the highest quality blade and fuse it with carbon fibre technology. The result is without comparison - this is simply the finest lightweight precision blade on the planet.

Rocker 8ft
Size Range 8"-11"

The unique curvature and mid-section tapering of a Parabolic blade is designed to create less drag as you move across the ice. This means smoother, sharper and more energetic spins, turns and edge work no matter what level you're skating at.

And, as your weight is centred due to precision geometry, you have increased levels of control and confidence to unlock your true potential.

Finally, as they can be sharpened in fewer passes (with no special technique needed) they outlast conventional blades too.

Auto Centring
As our advanced design allows your weight to centre on the blade, footwork and edge jumps are dramatically improved.

Corner Cutter
The unique, crescent-shaped edges are created to deliver skaters with sharper, more accurate turns.

Blast Off
With a lighter blade, take offs are faster and landings more precise.


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