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ProSharp SkatePal Pro 3

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SKU 9111-02

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New improved SkatePal-Pro² now on the markets!

Speed Matters! It’s a fact that the diamond grinding gives a sharper, cleaner and more consistent sharpening. As such the hollow grind will be the same with every sharpening. The SkatePal's precise diamond sharpening sets a new era of superior on ice performance. It can’t be easier, just clamp the skates and minutes later you have perfect edges. SkatePal provides a new higher skate sharpening standard. Try it out and experience the drastic impact on your game!

The patented high precision technology, using a cold diamond sharpening process gives the skater unmatched sharpness, edge control and speed.

Weighing only 15 kgs, nothing could be more convenient. Perfect for figure skaters, clubs, hockey teams and families.

The new SkatePal-Pro is an integrated flight case itself and you can get extra grinding wheels, hand hones and the power cord of the machine underneath the lid of the machine.

No previous skate sharpening experience is required. Just clamp the skate in place and push the start button. It can't be any easier!

Key Features

* Retains the blade profile and hollow

* Quick changeable grinding wheels and hollow

* Cold Diamond Cut skate sharpening

* Automatic centering of skate blades

* 1-3 min per pair

Key Benefits

* Maximize acceleration, agility and speed

* Unmatched sharpness and edge control

* Easy operation, consistent sharpening

* Eliminates uneven edges and overworked steel blades


Power 24 VDC, 1 phase 100-240 VAC 50-60 Hz, 180 W

Length 670 mm

Width 220 mm

Height 320 mm

Weight 15 kg

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