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Reckless Morph Wheels (4 pack) - 91a/95a

Reckless Morph Wheels (4 pack) - 91a/95a

Reckless Morph Wheels (4 pack) - 93a/97a

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A Wheel That Has Been Years In The Making.
Elite Roller Derby players demand the best. The all new, revolutionary Morph Wheels from Reckless Wheels have been created to be the best.
This ground breaking new "stacked" technology has been thoroughly tested and proven to deliver maximum speed, precise grip and reliable stability. The innovative design and unique look of the Morph Wheel provides a fusion of two compounds giving the skater the best of both worlds - a softer compound on the edge of the wheel allowing better control, "stacked" with a performance speed compound.
To finish off the "most innovative, and dynamically technical wheel in Derby today" Reckless Wheels have created a new link core hub with the structural integrity to improve speed and response.
The game changing technology of the new 59mm Morph Wheel is available in FIVE bright colour combinations;
59mm 84a/88a Pink/Orange
59mm 88a/91a Orange/Neon Yellow
59mm 88a/91a Orange/Blue
59mm 91a/95a Neon Yellow/Yellow
59mm 93a/97a Blue/Green
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