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Skate Sharpening

Skate Sharpening

Skate Sharpening

We have on site a ProSharp AS2001 skate sharpening machine. Blackstone Manual Machine, Wissota Manual machine and a Dupliskate machine. All new skates are checked and sharpened before they are sold.

We can sharpen all types of Ice Skates, both figure and hockey to your requirements.

Skate sharpening is £6.50 per pair and we will sharpen them while you wait.

As well as skate sharpening we also now offer skate profiling for hockey and figure skates. This means you can have your blades custom profiled to your style of skating.

For hockey skates we carry all the profile templates including Detroit 1 and 2, Zuperior, Janne Hanninen, Zetterberg and all the classic profiles from 8 - 13 feet.

Goalies - We offer classic raduii from 16 to 27ft plus all the various finland goalie raduii.

Profiling starts from just £15 per pair and we guarentee with our automated ProSharp machine that the profiles will be perfect on each skate. (we don't use a bench grinder)

For free advice please call Pete on 01253 838899.

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