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Multi Weather Balls - 3 Pack

Multi Weather Balls - 3 Pack

A&R Youth Hockey Stick Set

A&R Youth Hockey Stick Set


Get Rid Of Concrete Hands With These Bad Boys

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The A&R 3 Pack Stick Handling Balls come in three different weights to give players the perfect balance for training off the ice. The red 6 oz. ball weighs the same as an ice hockey puck for normal puck simulation. The 3 oz. blue ball is lighter than a traditional puck to work on developing quicker hands and reactions. Finally, the 10 oz metal ball is built to strengthen wrists and forearms for effortless stickhandling come game time.

Together, the set is everything you need to soften and strengthen those hands off the ice.

  • Contents
    • Lightning Ball - 3 oz. / 44mm
    • Skill Ball - 6 oz. / 55mm
    • Power Ball - 10 oz. / 41mm

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