About Commercial Skate Grinding

Al's Skate Shop undertake all aspects of commercial skate grinding for synthetic and real ice rinks, and we're proud skate regrinding partners for Arena Group - The UK's leading supplier of temporary ice rinks.

Our team of staff have the capability to sharpen 1,000 pairs of ice skates per day. We're fully mobile, and can come to your premises or process your sharpening at our warehouse.

If you would like more information on our commercial skate grinding service please fill in your contact details and we'll be back in touch soon - usually 24 hours.

Skate Sharpening for Rinks

Our mobile skate sharpening service brings the equipment and the team to your ice rink. Whether you're a temporary pop-up ice rink, or require a sharpening partner - we can help.

Skate Sharpening for Retailers

We help retailers assist their customers by ensuring their stock is sharpened and ready for sale. We can sharpen on-site or at our warehouse, get in touch to learn more.

Skate Sharpening for Teams

If your team has a busy season ahead we can provide batch skate sharpening services, and offer a quick turnaround to minimise your team's downtime.

Skate Sharpening for Individuals

If you are looking for skate sharpening for a single pair of skates, please see our Professional Skate Sharpening service.