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Hockey Skating and Figure Skating Skate Profiling


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Hockey Skating and Figure Skating Skate Profiling available by post. This service is just £20 plus the cost of return postage.

How Skate Profiling works

  • Enter your preferred profiling point you require in the Comments box
  • Select the insurance level for the return postage
  • Send us your skates (make sure you include your order number!)
  • We'll return your skates using a 24 hour courier

What is Skate Profiling
Skate Profiling changes the contact points of your blade with the ice, utilising 1, 2, 3, or 4 distinct zones along the length of the blade, ensuring you are getting the very best from your skate. Profiling is suitable for both figure and hockey blades.

Skate Profiling customises the contact points of the blade to suit your specific skating style and positional play. A longer profile (13-foot, for example) provides more blade contact with the ice. Providing more resistance to lateral movement and greater stability, but sacrifices some manoeuvrability.

A longer profile also creates potential for faster acceleration and greater speed with less effort. Whilst these trade offs can seem daunting they are key to improving your presence on the ice, profiling is a key weapon utilised by professional skaters all over the world.

Skate Profiling for Hockey Skates
For Skate Profiling for hockey skates we carry the whole range of profile templates including Detroit 1 and 2, Zuperior, Janne Hanninen, Zetterberg and all the classic profiles from 8 - 13 feet.

Skate Profiling for Goalies
Goalies - We offer classic radii from 16 to 27ft plus all the Finnish goalie radii.

Our superior ProSharp machines ensure your profile is maintained with each sharpen.

For help and advice with Skate Profiling please contact us on 01253 838899 and one of our team of experts will be happy to help.

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