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Boot Bananas Skate Deodoriser


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Boot Bananas Boot Deodoriser

When you skate regularly it is inevitable that your boots are going to get sweaty and then a little smelly. Slide some Boot Bananas into your skates after every session and they will help to absorb moisture and prevent bad odours.

Boots are expensive and are best used from the start of having new boots for optimum results, but they will also stop your existing boots from getting worse.

The cotton fabric used has the porosity to absorb moisture but if your skates are really sweaty you can shake your bananas to release a fine mist of powder to speed up the drying process.

How ripe?

Cotton is a wonderful breathable fabric that allows the active ingredients to absorb moisture & neutralise odour. However it is prone to discolour & your Bananas will turn brown over time especially with high frequency use. They will remain effective even if they have turned slightly brown, but you can use this transformation to gauge how ripe your bananas are. Replace when common sense dictates

Wanting to avoid any synthetic chemicals. Boot Bananas use a powerful blend of naturally deodorising salts and minerals contain all natural ingredients

sodium bicarbonate, bamboo charcoal, zeolite, dried lavender flowers and lemon, lavender & tea tree essential oils.

Boot Bananas are handmade in the UK

One pack contains 2 bananas, together with a handy Carabiner clip
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