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Bunga Ankle Sleeve


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SKU 1989

The Bunga Gel Ankle Sleeve‚ is 5" in length.

Used to cushion and protect the entire ankle area from chafing, rubbing, and friction caused by stiff ice skating boots. This is a great solution for all skaters, whether hockey, figure, roller or inline.

Gel Padding Features BP
100% Medical Grade Quality
Blister Free
Bunga High-Tek Sleeving‚
Bunga Silicone Gels‚
Dermatologist Tested
Light weight, High Tech Elastic Sleeve
Medical Grade BM Visco Elastic Gel
Washable & Reusable

This product is designed to be worn around the ankle area.

Please note It is NOT recommended to pull the ankle sleeve over the heel or mid-foot as this will overstretch the material. 

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